Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.

Q. How Long Will It Take To Get My 6 Referrals Placed Under Me?

A. This will be different for everyone and cannot be predicted, On average though I would suggest between 4 and 14 weeks would be a realistic timeframe.

Q. What If I can't get my team hits one week because I am away etc.?

A. We all have times when we can't be online as much as we would like, we understand that and if you are consistantly reaching the 1000 hits a week required, then you won't be overlooked for dropping short on occasion. On the same note, if you are not consistantly achieving the required 1000 hits then please do not even ask when you will receive signups, IT WON'T HAPPEN!

Q. My Sponsor/Team Leader Is holding me back, I think I would like this to move faster for me, what can I do?

A. Sometimes a new team leader or someone with less experience than you may take longer to learn things and it may seem they are slowing you down. If you think you have a good knowledge of how the team system works and would like to take control of your own team then no one will hold you back. Become a team leader yourself. (Team leader training coming very soon)

Q. 1000 hits a week is a lot of hits I am not sure how I can do that?

A. 1000 hits a week is not a lot and can easily be reached with a few hours of effort a week. If you don't have a few hours a week to work on the team then maybe this isn't for you. If you follow the training I have set up for you, you will have no trouble getting to 1000 hits a week.

Q. Should I be promoting GDI as well as my team link?

A. NO I do not recommend doing that. We are not "selling" GDI here, we are inviting people to share in our team system. Besides you will find that promoting GDI on it's own is very difficult to do.

Q. Do I have to rely on the team to send me signups? What else can I do?

A. NO you do not have to rely only on the team referrals placed under you. There are many other ways to build your GDI team. The best method is word of mouth, we all know other people online that would like to earn a secure income, tell them about the team and your experience. Invite them to take a look. Just remember never "chase" people or try to "sell" them just invite and let them take it from there. 

Blogging is another great method for building your team, make use of your GDI wordpress blog.

If you do have others that wish to join the team under you then just let your team leader know they are joining and will need to be sent the team information.