This is a simple overview of the steps needed to get your GDI business underway. Remember your team leader is the person you need to be working with closely. Stay in touch with them and learn from them.
It is VERY important to follow step 1 below. Those that do not will not receive your 6 paid referrals, Those that do WILL. Team Elite is hands on, you have help available any time it's needed. If you choose to "sit back" and let others do the work, they will be rewarded  and you won't, simple as that. No excuses. Having said that, what you need to do is very simple to achieve and can be done in 2 to 3 hours a week easily.

Please watch the video below

** Important to remember**

*There is no other team out there that is doing this and for FREE

*your total cost is $10 a month until you are making a profit, where else can you build a residual income from such a small outlay?

This is NOT a passive income

and will require some effort from you

to make it work

Make the effort to promote your team link

Make the effort to REALLY learn the team system

Be patient as your referrals are placed below you

Please watch the following 3 short videos

From time to time it may be required that you promote a new team link, If you want to see a way to set up for easy changing



JOIN HERE can be used to set up any tracking link, you could put your team link in here and change it once only in your back-office to change it everywhere, This is 100% FREE.


Your team leader will provide you with a team link, usually within 24 to 48 hours of you joining. Take your team link and promote it. You must achieve at least 1000 hits to the team link each week. Thats it, easy, right?

As long as you continue to do that you will continue to be qualified to receive paid signups in your downline. Please don't hesitate or overthink things, get started right away, we are doing this NOW.

 If you are not sure how to promote your team link Please watch the following videos. If you are still unsure then please contact your Team Leader, they would be happy to help you.


Watch the video below to see how to earn credits for safelists

Watch the video below to see how to join and use a traffic exchange, set up a banner ad and a text ad


Contact Your Team Leader. 

Look at the team emails you have been sent, you will find your team leaders contact details. Email or skype them, let them know you are active and ask them questions. Your team leader will work hard to place new members below you, but only if YOU are ACTIVE and following these steps.


Send Your Documents To GDI.

GDI needs to know who they are paying. To start to receive payments from GDI you will need to send some documents to GDI either by attaching some files to an email or by regular mail.

 In the GDI backoffice click on the "documents" button and read through it, see what is required, More than likely there will be 3 forms to print and sign and also some ID like a drivers license.

Here You Will Find More Detailed Information About The GDI Learning Bonus

Courtesy of Team Leader Kathy Von Geldern

Click HERE To See Kathy's blog page.

That concludes This Training Page

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